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The Eye in the Ceiling is Julie Sampson’s debut novel, a thriller based in a historical part of Massachusetts.

The Eye in the Ceiling

For Paige Moore, a freshman at Kew College, everything begins the night she witnesses a robbery in a small New England town. When she reports the break-in, Paige becomes the lone eyewitness to an epic caper. And that’s when things turn weird.

Paige had never heard of the early American architect H.H.Richardson or Harvard’s secret Porcellian Club, but she is soon drawn into secret societies and a hundred-year-old architectural mystery, realizing that there is more to this sleepy town and its 19th century architecture than anyone could imagine.

Paige enlists her college friends to help her solve these mysteries: Melissa and Jill, fashionable gold-digging roommates, and Sheila, a dance- your-pants-off free spirit. Meanwhile, Paige meets her Harvard dream-guy, Stoph, who works nights as a mashup maestro DJ, but is he too good to be true?

The Eye in the Ceiling is a deft, propulsive and hilarious thriller that penetrates the secrets of the old New England village known as Shovel Town.

Julie Sampson
About Julie Sampson

Julie Sampson published two novels in two years and is currently writing a Middle Grade fiction series. Her recent novel, The Winter Hexagon, is the thriller sequel to The Eye in the Ceiling.

Julie has lived in New York for 30-plus years with her husband John Sampson where they raised their children, Troy and Sheila. She worked at Newsday in sports and special sections, writing articles for the guidebooks about recreational life on Long Island.

Julie’s freelance articles were published in Newsday, The New York Times, American Cheerleader magazine and other publications. She also published two non-fiction books – Elite Wrestling (McGraw Hill 2007) and Beginning Wrestling (Sterling Publishing 2000). Her entry in the 2020 Writer’s Weekly 24-hour short story contest won first place. She also received a Miller Lite Women in Sports Journalism award.

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